Welcome to Iowa City Physical Therapy!

In an ever changing healthcare environment, patients have a right to choose their healthcare provider and we are happy you have chosen us to be an integral part of your health care team.  Our team’s belief is placing focus on you by providing quality one on one care that is as unique as you are.  Our patient education, evidence-based treatments, and welcoming environment are paramount in the process of empowering you to reach your physical therapy goals.  Therefore, your therapist will be doing an extensive evaluation and will provide you with information that will best address the areas needing physical therapy treatment.  Occasionally, some soreness may be experienced after the initial evaluation and/or physical therapy appointments.  

We recommend the following –

•    Ice immediately after the evaluation unless otherwise instructed by your therapist.  Ice should be applied for 15-20 minutes to the affected area.  If utilizing ice-massage, this should be done 5-6 minutes. Icing should be performed 2-3x/day.
•    You may use Ibuprofen or Tylenol according to label instructions unless you have medical conditions that do not allow this. If you have any questions regarding this, please consult your physician. 
•    Write down symptoms you are experiencing and bring them to your next appointment.  Note the location, duration and intensity of your symptoms as this helps us tailor future appointments to minimize soreness and maximize outcomes.
•    Do not hesitate to call and speak with us if your symptoms persist or worsen.

Your Rehab Experience
Your therapist will be managing your care by incorporating one or more of the following treatments – 
•    Exercise
•    Activity Analysis and Modification
•    Manual Therapy
•    Specialized Equipment to Assist in Pain Control 

It is imperative you understand the role of exercise and activity modification in your recovery process.  Essentially everything that you do is an exercise. For example, as we sit in a chair slightly slumped for greater than 20 minutes we've just performed a mid/low back stretch.  Muscles that are either too long or too short become weak and therefore cannot function well.  Your therapist will discuss this with you and assign exercises to do at home that will compliment your efforts during therapy appointments.  

Thank you again for choosing us to be your physical therapy provider!  
We look forward to working with you!


In Health,

Steve Clark, MPT, MTC

Feryl York, BS, PTA