Enjoy the Season with a Properly Fit Bicycle!

Life Always Looks Better From A Bike … A Properly Fit Bike That Is! 

Are you ready to take your exercise routine outside to “spring” your exercise to the next level? Bicycle-related pain and injuries are commonly associated with an improper bike set up or difficulty with proper body mechanics while riding your bike.  We can help be sure you are in proper form to kick off your outdoor riding season!  

Basic Bike Tips

  • Keep a controlled, but relaxed grip of the handlebars

  • Change your hand position on the handlebars frequently for upper body comfort

  • When pedaling, your knee should be slightly bent at the bottom of the pedal stroke

  • Avoid rocking your hips while pedaling

Common Problems and Possible Solutions
Knee Pain:  Possible causes are having a saddle that is too low, pedaling at a low cadence (speed), using your quadriceps muscles too much in pedaling, misaligned bicycle cleat for those who use clipless pedals, and muscle imbalance in your legs (strong quadriceps and weak hamstrings).
Neck Pain:  Possible causes include poor handlebar or saddle position. A poorly placed handlebar might be too low, at too great a reach, or at too short a reach. A saddle with an excessive downward tilt can be a source of neck pain.
Lower Back Pain:  Possible causes include lack of flexibility in the hamstrings, low cadence, using your quadriceps muscles too much in pedaling, poor core strength, and improperly placed handlebars.

We would be happy to take a look at your bike to give you a few specific tips to improve your bike set up and/or your mechanics to keep you injury free all through your bike riding season!  

If you have any questions or if we can assist you with any of these modifications, feel free to contact us at Iowa City Physical Therapy at 319.339.4278 or visit our website at www.iowacityphysicaltherapy.com.